Store Settings

To navigate Store Settings, Click Store Manager on the menu from the horizontal menu header, and on the right-hand tab click Settings.

The following list are the function under Store Settings:

  • Store
  • Payment
  • Shipping
  • SEO
  • Vacation Mode
  • Verification
  • Membership
  • Social

  1. Store Settings (Main) – This menu is the first load of the setting menu and will allow you to design your store.

  • Profile Image
  • Profile Image Banner
  • Shop Name
  • Store Product Per Page
  • Store Phone
  • Show email in store
  • Show tab on product single page view
  • Store Address
  • Terms and Conditions
  • TOC Details

The seller could use a good visual interactive image to grab the attention of the customer.

2. Payment – This menu will store your soon-to-be Payment method which are PayPal, Wallet Credit, and Bank Account information for withdrawal purposes. To save the settings by clicking the Save button.

3. Shipping – This page contains your store-wide shipping settings, cost, and shipping. You can enable/disable shipping for your products. Also, you can override these shipping costs while creating or editing a product.

4. SEO – Your store SEO can help you to increase your store traffic. You can set your SEO title, meta description, meta keywords, Facebook title, description, image, Twitter title, description and image.

5. Vacation Mode – This feature helps a Seller to temporarily disable his/her store when they want to take a vacation or do not want to do business for some time. When sellers are going on vacation, they can turn on vacation mode to temporarily take their product offline with a notice on their store page.

6. Verication – Verification creates a bridge of trust between your customers and your business. Seller identifies true retailers among a handful of anonymous traders. Verify your vendors by their address, ID proof, and even their social presence using this module.

Verified vendors, on the other hand, can enjoy a whopping consumer base as they have earned a badge (Blue Check Icon) of trust from the site admin.

7. Membership – Vendors will have their membership details under their Store Manager -> Profile Icon. Vendor may cancel their recurring subscription from here as well. Vendors may change or upgrade their membership plan anytime from here.

9. Social Profiles

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