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Machinery Genie Marketplace will advertise this will help you increase your product engagement with customers both local and international. The good thing if you will list your products on Machinery Genie even with the Free Plan you will be having 1 product advertisement on Google Ads with no hidden fees or after payment.

Please take note of some of the guidelines usually on the Free Plan to prevent abuse for both seller accounts and advertisers

  1. Sellers will recreate an account and put only 1 product per Seller account we forbid it and only leads to the Seller disabling the account. Our security team monitors the IP
  2. The Product must have the following
    • Price
    • Weight (kg)
    • Dimension : Length x Width x Height (cm)
    • SKU
    • Brand
  3. The Seller with a Free plan must have over 10,000 unique visits to one specific seller product. Our Advertising Team will check it using our analytics tools to check if the product URL truly reaches the requirement of unique visits.
    Master Latin Plan has 5 advertisements and Master Plan has 20 advertisements without any unique visits required.

If you have meets the 2nd and 3rd requirements you will guarantee to have a free advertisement on Google ads and other advertisement platforms.

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