Online Product Publishing and Store Manager Dashboard

Machinery Genie is an online marketplace that focuses on industrial machinery, tools, components, and parts, catering to a defined market. This makes it easier for customers to find exactly what they need, and suppliers to find the customer they want.

Online Product Publishing

Machinery Genie Marketplace will assure your products are search engine friendly and easy to share via social media or mail. With our latest and updated methods works on other platforms. We will guarantee seller a high rate in terms of interaction with your customers.

Image 1 – Online Product Publishing Sample

How Google See our Products

Machinery Genie Marketplace uses Schema this will helps describe your content for search engines and social media which you are helping search engines make sense of your product description. Machinery Genie Marketplace automatically generates structured data for your products, but you can also change the settings by hand for both Products and your Store.

Image 2 – Sample of Product on Google Data Structure Schema

Store Manager Dashboard

You can access the Store Manager by becoming the Seller of Machinery Genie Marketplace. You can become a Seller by accessing our Seller Plan and selecting the Free Plan.

Image 3 = Store Manager Dashboard

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