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There are two types of how to register on Machinery Genie

Registration on Login #

  1. To create a Seller Account click the Sell Machinery Link located on the Header.

2. On the new Page you need to select 1 of the plans.The Machinery Genie offers Free Plan can add up to 10 products. Click the Subscribe (Button) to proceed to Seller Registration

3. Fill up the information needed such as the Username, Email, Store Name, Address and password. Please take note about choosing the Store Name double check first if you store name is on the Seller Store List before adding your dedicated Store Name. Now click Register (button) after you already set the all information.

4. You are now on the confirmation Tab, Please click the Proceed (button) to continue the Process. (You can still review your plan back by clicking Review your Plan link)

5. You will be redirect to Checkout page for the final process. Please click Place Order button

Note: If you are Subscribing to Magic Latin and Genie Master Plan, we will need to verify your payment request and complete your personal/shop information before approving and adding you as a seller.

Congratulations you now start adding new products to your Seller Store. Now you can proceed to other functions.

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