Sales Reports and Overview

Sales Overview shows on the report page. At the top of the report, there have some options by which the seller could view his sales report total overview, by-day overview, top sale product reports, and top earner product reports.

  1. Sales and Stock Filter
  2. Date Range
  3. Sales Gross Period
  4. Sale Graph
  5. Legend

Sales by Date #

The seller could view his day order in this option. The report shows the total selling total, the average, the total number of orders, the total purchased product number, coupon details, and the date sales graph.

Sale by Product #

In the top seller, option seller could view his top selling products and their total sale number with a selling ratio graph line.

Low and Out of stock #

The seller could view his selling products that have low product counts and are out of stock. To manage your product stock please go to Manage Products and edit your desired product and look for the Inventory tab and check the Manage Product and add the quantity.

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