Product Listing Policy

This policy applies to all listings on the site and is incorporated into the Terms of Service.  Members must follow this policy at all times. Failure to comply with this policy may result in temporary or permanent suspension of membership and other penalties under the General Terms.


1.1 You may not post or sell any item that is restricted or prohibited by federal, state, or local law in any country or jurisdiction. Please be aware that the site (”the Site”) functions as a global marketplace, thus the selling or posting of items may be prohibited because of laws outside of the jurisdiction where you reside.  Below, we have listed some categories of prohibited or restricted items. However, this list is not exhaustive. You, as the seller, are responsible for ensuring that you are not posting an item that is prohibited by law in any jurisdiction.

1.2 also prohibits the posting of other categories of items that may not be restricted or prohibited by law, but which we believe may bring the Site into disrepute.

1.3, in its sole and exclusive discretion, reserves the right to impose additional restrictions and prohibitions.

  1. Posting, listing for sale,  selling, or advertising in any way of the following items on the Site is strictly prohibited:

2.1 artifacts, cultural relics, historical grave markers, and related items are protected under the laws of any jurisdiction.

2.2 gold, silver, other precious metals (excluding jewelry), rare animals, and their products.

2.3 currency, coins, bank notes, bonds, money orders, currency in digital or any intangible form (e.g. crypto-currency) and other securities, as well as the equipment and materials used to produce such items;

2.4 Counterfeits of the identified articles in 2.3, legal tenders and stamps;

2.5 reproductions or replicas of coins as collectible items unless they are marked with the word “COPY”, “REPRODUCTION” or “REPLICA” and compliant with all relevant laws.

Credit and debit cards

2.6 Card readers.

2.7 stocks, bonds, credit, investment interests, or other securities.

2.8 listings that offer financial services, including money transfers, issuing bank guarantees and letters of credit, loans, fundraising and funding for personal investment purposes, etc.

2.9 narcotics, steroids, poppy seeds, poppy seed products, or other controlled substances (including all drugs listed in Schedules I, II, III, IV, or V of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. 801 et seq.);

2.10 psychotropic drugs;

2.11 drug paraphernalia, including all items that are primarily intended or designed for use in manufacturing, concealing, or using a controlled substance,  including, but are limited to those items used for the ingestion of illicit substances including pipes such as water pipes, carburetors pipes, chamber pipes, ice pipes, bongs, etc.

2.12 Postings that are ethnically or racially offensive; (Occasionally, if materials are of historical value or include terms that may be considered offensive are integral to the item (such as a book title), members may use offensive words and phrases in the subject and description of a posting (unless the item itself is offensive). reserves the sole discretion to remove such items and encourages all members to treat others as they would like to be treated and exercise sensitivity.

2.13 arms, ammunition, military ordnance, weapons (including explosive weapons), air guns, BB guns, paintball guns, harpoons, spear guns, or any other weapons that may discharge a projectile containing any gas, chemicals, or explosive substances. and/or integral or essential parts and components of such items;

2.14 replicas of the items listed in 2.13;

2.15 explosives, fireworks, and related ignition and detonation equipment;

2.16 any service, instruction, processing, or aid for producing any biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons, or any other Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) or known associated agents or any weapon whatsoever.

2.17 switchblade knives, gravity knives, bladed handheld devices, lock blade knives, knives with blades over 10cm in length, knives with fullers (blood grooves), and disguised knives;

2.18 Batons, stun guns, crossbows, knuckledusters, pepper spray, and other weapons;

2.19 Alcohol;

2.20 Food and beverages;

2.21 tobacco products, including but not limited to cigars, cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, pipe tobacco, hookah tobacco, chewing tobacco, and tobacco leaf;

2.22 electronic cigarettes and accessories;

2.23 liquids for use in electronic cigarettes;

2.24 Equipment used in the processing of tobacco and manufacture of tobacco products;

2.25 Items that claim to be, or appear similar to, official government identification documents or licenses, such as birth certificates, driving licenses, visas, or passports, and completed applications for such documents containing personal information;

2.26 Fake identification cards or any items that are designed for the production of such cards (e.g. ID card holograms);

2.27 Articles of clothing or identification that claim to be, or appear similar to, official government uniforms;

2.28 Military decorations, medals, and awards, in addition to items with substantially similar designs;

2.29 any chemical products;

2.30 hazardous or dangerous materials (such as the categories of dangerous goods as defined under the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code);

2.31 any products containing harmful substances (e.g. toys containing lead paint);

2.32 Automotive airbags;

2.33 Asbestos materials and/or products containing asbestos;

2.34 any human, the human body, or any human body part or product, including, but not limited to organs, bones, blood, sperm, and eggs, excluding Items made of human hair, such as wigs.

2.35 any form of invoice or receipt (including blank, pre-filled, or value-added invoices or receipts);

2.36 bulk email or mailing lists that contain personally identifiable information including names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses;

2.37 Software or other tools which are designed or used to send unsolicited commercial emails (i.e. “spam”).

2.38 Non-transferable items such as lottery tickets, airline tickets, and event tickets;

2.39 law enforcement badges or official law enforcement equipment from any public authority, including badges issued by the government of any country except Badges and souvenir items that are not genuine or official (e.g. toy badges) and Historical badges that do not resemble modern law enforcement badges, provided that the item description clearly states that the badge is a historical piece at least 75 years old or issued by an organization which no longer exists.

2.40 Police uniforms;

2.41 pornographic material including depicting exploitation of minors, bestiality, rape, sex, incest or sex with graphic violence or degradation, SM products, novelty sexually explicit items, including various types of toys, collectibles, or food items in the shape of genitalia primarily intended for adult buyers.  The Site should be child friendly and this should be kept in mind with any listing;

2.42 Listings and products containing offensive language.

2.43 medical drugs, regardless of whether classified as prescription, over-the-counter (OTC), vaccine, or other types;

2.43 sexual enhancement and weight loss supplements;

2.44 medical devices;

2.45 Veterinary drugs and devices;

2.46 medical or healthcare services, including services for medical treatment, rehabilitation, vaccination, health checks, psychological counseling, dietetics, plastic surgery, massage, etc.;

2.47 counterfeits, non-licensed replicas, or unauthorized items, such as counterfeit designer garments, watches, handbags, sunglasses, or other accessories, machinery, equipment, parts, or consumables;

2.48 Descramblers or other items that can be used to gain unauthorized access to television programming (such as satellite and cable TV), internet access, telephone, data, or other protected, restricted, or premium services, including smart cards and card programmers, descramblers, DSS emulators and hacking software.

2.49 information on “how to” descramble or gain access to cable or satellite television programming or other services without authorization or payment.

2.50 any unauthorized circumvention devices not included in the above;

2.51 Devices designed to intentionally block, jam, or interfere with authorized radio communications, such as cellular and personal communication services, police radar, global positioning systems (GPS), and wireless networking services (Wi-Fi);

2.52 spy equipment;

2.53 devices used for interception of wire, oral and electronic communications;

2.54 Hidden photographic devices;

2.55 stolen property;

2.56 Any article of clothing or identification related to transportation industries, including but not limited to, commercial airline pilot uniforms, flight attendant uniforms, airport service personnel uniforms, uniforms related to railway industries, and uniforms of security personnel of public transport industries. Excepting vintage clothing related to commercial airlines or other public transport, provided that the item description clearly states that the item is at least 10 years old, is no longer in use by the airline or other public transport authority, and does not resemble any current uniform.

2.57 Manuals or other materials related to mass commercial public transportation, including safety manuals published by commercial airlines or entities operating subways, trains, or buses.

2.58 Any official, internal, or non-public documents of any company, or government body, or other body.

2.59 unauthorized (pirated, duplicated, backup, bootleg, etc.) copies of software programs, video games, music albums, movies, television programs, photographs, or other protected works;

2.60 Used undergarments. Other used clothing may be listed, so long as the clothing has been thoroughly cleaned. Postings that contain inappropriate or extraneous descriptions will be removed;

2.61 used cosmetics;

2.62 any animal (live or otherwise) or animal part (including pelts, skins, organs, teeth, claws, shells, bones, tusks, ivory, and other parts)

2.63 products made with any part of and/or containing any ingredient derived from sharks or marine mammals or made from cats, dogs, bears, and any processing equipment.

2.64 textile quota;

2.65 crude oil;

2.66 petroleum, petroleum products, and petrochemical products;

2.67 Items containing the likeness, image, name, or signature of another person, unless the products were made or authorized by the person whose likeness, image, name, or signature has been used.

This list is not exhaustive and shall be updated continuously. If you are unsure about the product you wish to list with the Site, please contact our customer service department.


3.1 You are responsible for ensuring that your transaction is lawful and not in violation of any contractual obligation. Before posting an item on the Site, you should carefully read any contracts that you have entered into that might limit your right to sell your item on the Site. Some items, such as airline tickets, and event tickets have terms printed on the item that may limit your ability to sell that item. In other cases, such as when you are distributing a company’s products, you may have signed a separate contract restricting your ability to market the product.  Listing any product on the Site in breach of such obligations is prohibited.


4.1 A violation of this policy may result in the notification of relevant government and law enforcement authorities and your membership being suspended or canceled.

4.2  In determining whether listings or information should be removed from the Site, we consider the overall content of the posting, including photos, pictorials, and text.

4.3 supports and cooperates with law enforcement efforts involving the recovery of stolen property and the prosecution of responsible individuals. If you are concerned that the images and/or text in your item description have been used by another Site user without your authorization, or that your intellectual property rights have been violated by such user, please contact our customer service team.

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