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Managing the Products #

Navigate to Store Manager. Click on Products from the left menu. A New page view will show the Product Management page.

A New page view will show the Product Management page.

  1. Product Status
  2. Product Limit Remaining
  3. Product Management
    • Add New Product
    • Product Inventory
    • Product Import
    • Product Export
  4. Product Filter
  5. Bulk Edit and Trash
  6. Search
  7. Product List
    • Product Name
    • Product SKU
    • Product Status
    • Product Stock
    • Product Price
    • Product Taxonomies
      • Product Categories
      • Product Brands
      • Product Products
    • Product Views
    • Product Date
    • Product Actions
      • Edit
      • View
      • Featured
      • Duplicate/Clone
      • Edit
      • Archive
      • Delete
Image 1 Product Management

Adding New Product #

Navigate to Store Manager. Hover the Products from the left menu and click the Add New Product button or on Manage Product Click Add New Button (Image 1 seq. 3)

Please note you make sure you have not reached the product limit.

Here are the main fields of the Add Product

  1. Product Title
  2. Price (Regular and Sale Price) and Schedule date
  3. Condition (New and Used)
  4. Youtube Code
  5. Brand
  6. Categories
  7. Short Description
  8. Description (Long)
  9. Featured Image
  10. Gallery Image
  11. Product Tags
  12. Catalog Visibility

The standard information about a product is the title, price, description, and categories. The sale price is optional. You can even schedule discounts for a certain amount of time. You can enter a starting date and end date to apply automatic discounts to your product.

Here are the other Product Options

  1. Inventory
    • SKU
    • Manage Stock
    • Stock Status
    • Sold Individually
  2. Shipping
    This will you manage the individual product shipping. You can disable it if you want to make it more in quotes.
  3. Attributes
  4. Linked
    This will allow for stimulating customers’ purchasing experience and increasing the profitability of the website with effective cross and upselling techniques
  5. SEO
    This will allow you to add focus keywords and meta descriptions compatible with most social media platforms. Please don’t add unnecessary words on the meta description we might disable your product or if it always has the issue we can disable your Seller Account.
  6. Product Range
    This is applicable if you have no exact product price you can add Min and Max Range of price as a sample quote offer
  7. Product Policies
    Allow Seller to add a custom Product Policy Tab consisting of Shipping, Refund, and Cancel/Return/Exchange Policy.
    1. Advanced
      Allow seller to add Purchase note upon Ordering the Product.

After You have provided all the required information, Click on the Submit for Review button or if you want to save it first click on the Draft button. The page will refresh and the note will show up.

“Great Job! – Your Product is under review and should be live within 2 hours. Notification will one sent to your email address.”

Please wait on the moderation time our staff will securely check your content and surely no unnecessary words included.

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