Managing Coupons and Discount codes

It could be an excellent business policy to give some coupons to customers. The seller could give the coupon to unique customers as a special offer.

Creating Coupons

To create a coupon navigate to Store Manager → Coupon and click “Add New”. Insert name, type, a product name that the coupon is for, add any necessary then click add coupon button.

Image 1 – Coupon Listing

The Add New Coupon page consists of the following

  • Code
  • Description
  • Discount Type – Percentage discount
  • Coupon Amount
  • Coupon expiry date
  • Allow free shipping
  • Show on store
  • Other Options
    • Restriction
      • Minimum spend
      • Maximum spend
      • Individual use only
      • Exclude sale items
      • Products
      • Exclude products
      • Product categories
      • Exclude categories
      • Email Restrictions
    • Limit
      • Usage limit per coupon
      • Limit usage to X items
      • Usage limit per user
Image 2 – Coupon Option
Image 3 – Coupon : Restriction

Image 4 – Coupon: Limit

Things to Remember

Show Coupon on Store

You can show the coupon on the storefront by checking the last option in Image 2: Coupon Option.

Fixed Product Discount

Fixed Product Discount coupon means when a customer uses the coupon he will get a fixed amount discount that is mentioned on the coupon. Whatever his total order amount is he will get the same amount discount.

Product Percentage (%) Discount

Product Percentage Discount means when a customer uses the coupon in his order then he will get a discount depending on his order total amount. He will get a discount on the percentage mentioned on the coupon for his total order.

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